The Classic Mesh Strainer Bag for Nut Milk: Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget

Have you been thinking about buying a nut milk bag, fine mesh strainer, juicer, or cold brew coffee machine? Why not save yourself some money, instead, by opting for a mesh strainer bag? A strainer bag is truly a simple kitchen gadget that you cannot live without. It is simple, affordable, washable, and durable. In this article, we will tell you just a few of our favorite things to do with this kitchen utensil. Look no further for lots of ideas on how to use yours. 

Cold Brewed Coffee Companion

Nut Milk Bag for Almond Milk, Cashew, and Hemp
Nut Milk Bag for Almond Milk, Cashew, and Hemp

Are you all about the coffee drinks? If so, you are not alone. Cold brewed coffee is the newest rage in creating a slightly less acidic, sweeter coffee drink. It can be used to make coffee concentrate, iced coffee drinks, added to recipes, alcoholic drinks, and much more. But to create this sort of coffee you must let coarsely ground beans sit in water for hours, then strain them out. The perfect and easiest way to do this is with this strainer. Get your delicious cold brew coffee done in a snap.

Juice in a Flash

Want fresh juice but do not want to invest in a juicer or clean yours each day? Do you have a blender and bag? If so you can start juicing without a juicer. Use the same fresh ingredients you would in your juicer. Chunk them up, throw them in your blender, and blend on high until smooth. Then use your the bags to separate the juice from the leftover pulp. Viola! Fresh, delicious, healthy juice. You can eve save the pulp for later use in things like smoothies, baked goods, or other fruity recipes.

Make Your Own Nut Milk

If you love almond or seed milk you are not alone. But did you know you can make your own nut and seed milk at home? Again, you can do this with a mesh strainer bag, a blender or food processor, nuts, and water. After you blend the water and nuts together just use the mesh bag to strain out the pulp. Drink up! Or use your almond, seed, or other type of nut milk in recipes. This is perfect for those loved ones who may have lactose intolerance. It is also fantastic for those who are following a vegan diet. 

Want more information? Reusable nut milk bag, top mesh strainer bags and this homepage should do the trick. Of course, the video below is great, too!